Me & Mine – January

January has been an exciting month for us as a family, on the 18th Scott finally flew home after four months of working away and we are all so so pleased to be back as a four again. The Christmas period was definitely not the same without us getting any family time. I couldn’t wait for the New Year to begin knowing that it would only be a few more weeks of his deployment to go.

Typically since he’s been off work at least one of has been ill. When we were looking forward to going on some fun family days out we’ve spent more time than normal snuggled up on the sofa. So this months photos aren’t anything exciting just the four of us in our living room, but very happy to be as a four!



dear beautiful

Snow Day

On Thursday morning we woke up to a layer of snow covering our little village. Not a huge amount but definitely enough to play in. Oscar had never actually seen snow before, we’ve had a few showers of it of the past couple of weeks but no where near as much as this. Safe to say he really wasn’t that impressed. Alfie had nursery in the morning so as soon as we picked him up we all got wrapped up and headed out with the sledge. I think Scott and I were probably the most excited about this. I’m not even a huge fan of snow but having kids definitely makes you see things through their eyes and it seemed more exciting than usual.


All wrapped up and ready to go. Think its pretty obvious I may have been a bit over excited at this point.


I love this picture it makes me laugh so much and pretty much sums up the whole experience for the boys – Alfie having the time of his life and Oscar looking terrified.



daddy pulling


Scott has been home now for nearly two weeks after 4 months of working away the boys are loving having him home so much (and I am too of course – hello lie-ins!)

brightThis is when my husband is taking a photo and in his words “got a good one”. Never mind that the sun is taking over half the picture and the fact I had to crop out half his finger! I’m going to put it in anyway because there’s no where near enough pictures of me and the boys together!

Siblings – January

I am a little late to the party with this months siblings photo but better late than never!



iphone 1

I had to use these photos for this month as they have fallen in love with this spinning zebra. We’ve actually had this for a couple of years now, it was a 1st birthday present of Alfies. We’ve had a huge toy clear out after Christmas and I was planning to get rid of this as it barely got played with and takes up a fair bit of space (I also had visions of creating some sort of pinterest inspired reading corner for the boys).

For some reason its now a firm favourite. Oscar climbs on and Alfie spins him round at high speed. They literally both squeal with excitement and are always in fits of giggles playing with it.  Its so so lovely to see them both interacting with each other more and playing together. Its simple moments like this that makes me so glad they have each other.

dear beautiful

Oscar Turns 1

1 year

12 Months

52 weeks

365 days


It sounds so cliché to say it but this year has felt like the quickest ever. I feel like we have gone from that moment of first meeting you to celebrating your first birthday in the blink of an eye.

You kept us all waiting so long being two weeks overdue and then made a rather dramatic entrance which meant mummy being put to sleep. (Yes I am still going on about that, and no i’m not going to let you forget it) But it was all worth it, of course we knew it would be.

Before you were born I worried so much how we would cope with two children. One seemed hard enough at times. But you just slotted in so perfectly like the missing peice of the puzzle. I feel like we we’re always meant to be a four.

We all instantly fell in love with you even Alfie who had no understanding of how his world was going to change. Despite his learning difficulties and being only two himself, he seemed to know you were his brother. Watching your relationship with each other is something I have loved the most about having two children.

You were so quiet as a newborn happy as long as you were all swaddled up. Sometimes we would say we could forget you were there. But as you’ve grown and your own little personality has formed. There is certainly no forgetting you are here now. You are a noisey little boy who loves attention from anyone. You will reach up to anyone for a cuddle at playgroup and wave at strangers and we go round the supermarket.

Although it was a huge deal to us that you were turning one, we didn’t do anything ‘big’ in terms of celebrating. It just felt strange without Daddy being here. Of course you were spoilt with presents and cards. We had a nice birthday lunch out with all your favorite people. Which is probably all you wanted as you seem to love being the centre of attention. Everyone came home for cake, and you and Alfie had the most fun with all the balloons I had put up.

I’ve felt a little sad that we’re leaving the baby days behind (I did have a emotional moment about throwing a sterilizer away the other day) but mostly i’m excited to watch you grow even more into the wonderful little boy you’re becoming.

Oscar 0-12

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Me & Mine – September

September has certainly been a busy month for our little family. I feel like we haven’t stopped at all. We started off the month with a little break away at Butlins, where much fun was had by all of us. Once we were home it was soon time for our big boy to start pre-school. We are so incredibly proud of how well he is settling in. Considering his autism, the fact that he goes in each morning with a smile on his face is a huge achievement in our eyes. Scott had a few more days off work before he headed off to Cyprus for four months. It felt like we packed in so much during this time. We just wanted to make the most of us all being together as a four. We went on bike rides, visited farms and spent time with family. We also made a little day trip to Skegness which is where out Me & Mine picture for this month was taken.


This photo was taken rather quickly as we had two boys rather eager to go and play in the sand. 4/4 of us are looking at the camera and 3/4 smiling so not too bad really. As an added bones the boys have matching coats on and Scott and I seem to have colour coordinated for the day.

We had a lovely day out the weather was a bit damp but we still enjoyed all the fun of being by the sea. We played in the sand, wasted our pennies in the arcades, and treated ourselves to an ice cream. We did however swap getting fish and chips for a Pizza Hut as my strange children don’t seem to be a fan of chips.

This is definitely a special photo for us as Scott has now flown out to Cyprus for work and we won’t be seeing him again until the end of January. Which right now seems so far away. Its just part of life for us and while we don’t enjoy it, I find that if I keep busy enough with the boys the days soon start counting down. I can’t wait to be sharing our January Me & Mine photo.

dear beautiful


Due to Scotts job and the fact that we move around with his work we currently live 2 and a half hours from most of our family. This is probably one of the worst parts of being a military family for me. I’m really close to my mum and speak to her everyday, I would love to live back home and be nearer to her. I know the boys would love to be surround but their grandparents and other family members too. However since moving to Lincolnshire we now live only about half an hour from Scotts grandparents. I thinks its amazing that the boys can get to know them and are so lucky to have them. I can barely remember my grandparents never mind great-grandparents. We met up with them on Friday at a farm near to them. We had a brilliant afternoon and Alfie and Oscar loved spending some time with their great-grandparents.




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Little Family Break

Last week we headed all the way to Bognor Regis for a little family break at Butlins. We booked this AGES ago. I was overdue with Oscar and fed up this somehow ended up with us looking at breaks on the internet and booking 4 days at Butlins. We even had to guess Oscars date of birth and also put down the name we thought we we’re going to call him (both were wrong and got changed).

So almost a year later we arrived, we’ve had little quality time together as a family this year due to Scott working so much so we were really looking forward to it.

I’m not going to write a detailed review or anything because the internet is FULL of them (trust me I read loads in the weeks leading up to our holiday). I will say we all had a brilliant time and can imagine we will be returning at some point in the future. Heres a few of my favourite photos from the week.


We probably spent a small fortune in the amusements during our time. Alfie loved collecting all his tokens and we exchanged them for some “prizes” at the end of the week. His favourite thing really was the change machine though, he really seemed to think that he had won loads because so many coins came out. Scott and I also got pretty determined to win the boys a cuddly Thomas the Tank Engine, it probably would have been cheaper to buy one but we did it in the end!





Another highlight for us was all the rides, they didn’t cost any extra to go on so we could go on any much as we wanted. Luckily Alfie was just tall enough to be allowed on most of them with an adult. I was so proud of him going on them all with a smile on his face, even though I often watched on his horror as my baby was flying around.




We were so lucky with the weather while we were there. I kept saying to Scott that I felt like we were abroad. This made it great for going down to the beach which was just a minute walk away. It was nice to head down here for a bit more peace and also for more ice cream.


There was plenty of evening entertainment to enjoy while we were there but I have to say we hardly saw any of it as Bultins totally wore our boys out. Perfect for Scott and I to have some time to ourselves and enjoy a drink … or two.

I also made a short video showing showing some of out favourite bits from our time away.